Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Who was Valentine?  
St. Valentine of Terni a Roman Saint

You can read more about him here 


I should have done this daily, but misread the post by I live, I love, I craft, hope Kate forgives me for getting it wrong........?

Here are my "heart shape" Valentine pictures................

In nature with a leaf

For Safety

A broken heart in the sky

Cross stitching hearts

Biscuit cutters that belonged to my mum


Pretty button

Heart shaped strawberry

Lavender heart I made

Brooch I made

Hearts on the TY Beanies?
Who collected these?

The little wicker heart on my basket of plants

The little brass trinket box with mother of pearl in-lay

This pretty plaque a friend gave me after I retired!

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Week Six

Sunday 5th February, our youngest's 31st birthday.
I say it every year, where do the years go.........

Monday we went to meet this little person.

Tuesday was a fun day we don't think!   

We went out to buy some milk.  It turned out to be a very expensive bottle of milk!  
We got to Lidl's carpark to find we had a flat tyre caused by a rogue nail in the road.  The spare tyre was locked in under the car, so we called the AA to put the spare on for us.  We all looked at the spare tyre and said that's not good for long motorway journeys, we have been doing a lot of those lately.  So off to our local tyre shop to have the puncture repaired, purchase a new tyre and have the tyres swapped round the car to replace the spare.  So what was a thirty minute trip to buy milk ended up as nearly two hours!  We're just thankful it didn't happen on the motorway.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Week Five

 First of all please say hello to our beautiful grand-daughter born to our eldest son Michael and lovely daughter-in-law Liz on 26th January

Her name is Abigail

She is wearing a little cardigan I knitted thirty-five years ago for her daddy.

The cardigan, is it classed as vintage yet........?

(last showing I promise)

The last of my pretty flowers  
The post about them is here

And re-potted the plants from here.  Think we have lost one plant on the left front of the basket, and the poinsettia isn't going to survive much longer, The was a rose as well but that is now in a pot in the garden.  You can read about this here

Sunday, 29 January 2017

January Scavenger Hunt 2017

The smoke trails from the Red Arrows

The view from my backdoor at twilight

Something beginning with "F"
The bird Feeder invasion

Embroidery in a circle

Coal truck at West Somerset Railway

Glass blowing at the "House of Marbles" 
Bovey Tracy Devon

Something beginning with "J"
Jam Tarts

Seagulls at Hove Brighton

In flower now
Christmas Cactus

My Choice
My first piece of knitting-in-the-round.
It is called "Birthday Pi" the pattern can be found on the knitting site Ravelry
knitted in 4ply

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Week Four...................

I was hoping to write a happy post today. 
A very happy post indeed, but the post will have to wait a bit as I need to wait for some more info..........

I can give you a clue though...................

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Week three..........

We went to Taunton, just to get a couple of bits we couldn't get where we live.

We had our granddaughter's 3rd Birthday.  
This comes exactly one week after her brother  birthday  

Also this week something strange but nice happened.  We saw the post come flying  through the letterbox, usual things bills and other rubbish the postman seems to deliver these days

Followed by this box, both husband and I looked at one and other and exclaimed.........!

Well as every mystery has a story I took photos

Flat packed flowers

Sorry not a clear picture but this is them after I put them in a vase

The Lily had broken off in transit but I thought I am not going to throw it away.  The last three pictures were taken yesterday.  I did not know who they were from until yesterday.  It was quite a mystery as the card said the sender did not leave their name, but I have since found out the sender.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Half-way through............

We are half-way through week two of the year. 

We had our grandson's 6th Birthday yesterday

Still working on my project, but not sure I like the Carnations......... they seem to be missing something.......... advice please. The embroidery is on cream fabric and I know you can get two tone Carnations

I want to pick up some knitting but I don't want too many projects on the go.

And already have taken four bags of stuff to the charity shop

And made

Bread and Butter Pudding 
Can I call it that........?  I didn't butter the bread/cake
It is made with Italian Pannetone